Benevolent attitude, positive reinforcement

Individualized process, at your own pace

Respect for the physical and psychological integrity of everyone




Let's begin the relationship with your new pup in modern way ! The start is the most important moment for your dog, but also for you. Here, our focus is for you to continue with confidence and autonomy in your dog training.

  • 1 private course at your home. 
  • 2 months of group puppy class in Chalet à Gobet, on Saturdays at 9am.
  • 2 online courses (in French). 


This is a complete program for owners who meet problems with their dog (such as destruction, overexcitement, reactivity, fears, etc.) and need an individualized help. Together we will help your dog to be more relaxed, calm, focused and under controlled.

  • 1 private global assessment at your home.
  • 1 online full course of 17 tutorials to calm, concentrate and control your dog.
  • 1 follow-up private course during the month.


This course is made especially for dogs who have problems with other dogs. Indeed, dog language isn't always easy, neither for our dogs nor us. It's time to learn how dogs speak to one another.

  • 1 individual phone appointment.
  • 4 group walks once per week, focusing on dog-to-dog interactions. Walks can be continued for 160.-/month.
  • 1 complete online course of 30 commentated videos of dogs communicating. 

regular classes


Learning how to teach. What if we could teach our dogs in scientific, efficient, gentle ways ? Here we focus on empowerment while teaching you clicker training.

CHF200/4 weeks
  • 4 weekly classes, in Mezières (15min from Lausanne).
  • Small groups of 3 dogs maximum.
  • Choose your activity : clicker training, nosework, dog dancing, medical training.


Dog training in real life situations! Let's learn and enjoy. Training in the city, taking the bus, resting on a terrasse... In everyday life a dog who listens can come along with you.

CHF200/ 4 weeks
  • 4 weekly classes everywhere around Lausanne.
  • Focus on useful skills such as recalls, leash walking, waiting, etc.
  • Only positive and respectful methods as always.


Mantrailing will allow your dog to exercise mentally and olfactory. All the while allowing him/her to gain self-confidence, and to work as a team with you (and yes, you will be on the other side of the reins – your dog will lead the way!).

CHF200/ 4 weeks
  • 4 weekly classes in the north of Lausanne.
  • A new dog activity that helps your dog to calm down and uses his/her nose.
  • A stronger relationship as you and your dog learn together to find hidden people.

Hours of continuing education

dog owners, and thus dogs, satisfied

years of passion
Yoko, née en 2020. C'est la toute première fois que j'accueille un chien d'un élevage. Ce fut une expérience inouïe de pouvoir tout démarrer à 0 ensemble. Son énergie inépuisable me donne du fil à retordre, et sa tendresse infinie cultive notre relation jour après jour.

Laetitia Gonnon, your positive reinforcement dog trainer in Lausanne

Laetitia Gonnon has a master's degree in educational sciences, a canine educator diploma, a canine behavior expert diploma, as well as several certifications in animal behavior sciences. Her background in education (for humans!) allows her to have a very educational approach. Dog training is done according to a positive, scientific (behaviorist, positive reinforcement) and gentle approach. Laetitia, being flexible and available, conducts the classes with humor and sympathy. Click on the image for more info.